Peace Be Yours

Posted: Jan 25 2013

"May peace and blessing be yours from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ." - Galatians 1:3

A man lived in the mountains with his daughter. They raised sheep. One day they went out looking for a missing lamb and found the small animal caught in a thorny thicket. Carefully, and ever so gently they lifted the lamb out, but it was still scratched and bleeding in places. The little girl was crying as she said, "Father, that's a bad bush. Let's cut it down." 

The next day they returned with an ax to cut the bush down. As they approached the thorny branches, the little girl saw a small bird flutter down to a branch, open its beak and grab a mouthful of wool that had been left on a thorn as the little lamb had struggled the day before. The tiny bird tugged and tugged and tugged until he had a mouthful of wool and then he flew away. 

The little girl looked up at her father and said, "I think God has a good reason for this thorny bush. I don't think we should cut it down for the thorns are helping that bird get soft wool for its baby's nest." 

Don't allow the thorns of life to mar your perspective. The thorns may hurt and cut and seem to have no purpose. But in God's great plan and purpose for you, every thorn can be an opportunity for increasing your vision of God's great possibility in your life. When your path is thorny, be at PEACE, for God is walking with you!

I am resting in God's peace today. His peace is more overwhelming than any of life's circumstances.



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